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eSai Selected As a Third-Party Assessor By The Department of Energy (DoE): 

On October 6, 2023, eSai LLC was selected by the Department of Energy (DoE) as a third-party assessor to provide DoE-IAC-Equivalent energy audits throughout the nation.  eSai LLC was chosen as one of the ten companies nation-wide to provide the energy assessments in small-medium-large manufacturing companies.  Due to eSai’s deep background in industrial sectors energy efficiency upgrades, this will enable the companies which hire eSai to ensure that they have qualified projects which will help them to decarbonize their buildings, operations and complexes.  eSai will provide techno-economic analyses by which the companies can also receive the DoE-IAC grant to bring down the cost of implementing the projects.


GlobalCon 2017

Mouli presented a paper on "Storage-enabled microgrid for enhanced security" by Dr. Nandini Moul. Ms. Mouli showed merits, deficiencies, best operating criteria of the Distributed Energy Resources (DER’s) and illustrated…

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AEE Luncheon

eSai (Dr. Mouli)’s introduction of keynote speaker, Kelly Speakes-Backman: Ms. Mouli introduced the keynote speaker, Kelly Speakes-Backman, the President of the Energy Storage Association, at the special luncheon of the…

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