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It has been our pleasure to work for a number of clients on a broad spectrum of projects. A sample list of clients in recent years includes the following:

Governmental agencies:

Department of Energy

eSai worked with DOE and implemented ISO 50001 at MedImmune/AstraZeneca as the first ever pharmaceutical company in the nation to install the program.

Maryland Energy Administration

eSai got the first ever financial incentive program for Combined Heat and Power in the Maryland, collaborating with Maryland Energy Administration.

Howard County Department of Energy

eSai provided peer review of the Howard County’s microgrid project for the county’s Detention Center and business buildings and helped them engage a vendor through RFP process.

Commercial Facilities:


eSai helped install over 15 MW of Combined Heat and Power in the hospitals through design, permits and incentive development.  eSai applied for and helped the hospitals receive the Energy Projects of the Year awards from Association of Energy Engineers.

Peninsula regional medical center

Union Memorial Hospital

University of Maryland Medical System


eSai worked with the following manufacturing companies in Maryland and provided assistance with energy audits, design of CHP and carbon footprint reduction strategies.  The companies were able to reduce over 25000 metric tons of CO2.

MedImmune/Astra Zeneca

Domino Sugar

Beckton Dickinson


c. Waste-to-Energy projects:

eSai has been working with food-waste, animal-waste, exhaust-waste-to-energy projects and have enabled the clients receive electricity, heat and other utilities from the waste capture.  The projects also have contributed significantly for the climate protection.

Food-waste to energy: Jessup

eSai has helped the developer receive over $2.5 million utility and state incentives for the food-waste to energy through anaerobic digester project in Jessup, MD.

Amick Farms

eSai worked with Amick Farms in converting their chicken-waste into usable electricity for their site in Hurlock, MD.

d. K-12 Schools:

eSai qualified the following g schools obtain Net-Zero Energy and LEED® Platinum certification through Whole-Building Energy Modeling review following ASHRAE 90.1 guidelines.

Graceland Park

Anne Arundel County Public School

Utilities: Maryland Utilities: Pepco, Delmarva, BGE, SMECO:

eSai has been working with Maryland utilities as their consultant and has provided over 60 MW of greener and energy efficient power through Combined Heat and Power and custom energy efficiency incentive programs.



Baltimore Gas and Electric


Washington Gas