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eSai has a team of competent mechanical, electrical and energy engineers trained and certified in various energy engineering fields to provide excellent service to our clients.

Nandini Mouli, Ph.D.: President/Founder, eSai

Dr. Nandini Mouli has extensive experience originating and managing all aspects of clean energy businesses. A serious entrepreneur with expertise in building new businesses, directing and consulting for public and private sectors, she has demonstrated superior leadership skills and an impressive ability to attract high energy-progressive clients and has undertaken design-and-build projects utilizing industry best practices. As the Principal of eSai LLC, she manages business development, funding and implementation of clean energy projects for public/private sector clients.

Some of Dr. Mouli’s other accomplishments:

  • Inventor: 49 US and International patents in chemical and energy fields: Recently issued: US9777204 B2, (Oct.3,’17), US 8668791 (Mar.’14); US 8663494 (Mar.’04); US 8535555 (Sep.’13); US 8529786 (Sep.’13); 8,383,004 B2 & US 8394386 (Jan.’14),8529786 (Sep.’13),US 8946846(Jul ’13),US 8101094(Jan.’12), US 80718 (Jan.’12).
  • Author: Over 10 technical papers on carbon abatement, climate change, green buildings, Distributed Energy Services and Microgrids.
  • Board-of-Directors: National Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL), Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), Angstroms Inc., HACSI and an honorary advisor to the Maryland Clean Energy Center (2017-to-date).
  • President: Association of Energy Engineers – Baltimore.
  • Board-of-Trustees: UHJT, HTA and GBT and Advisor for Inter-Faith Coalition on Climate Change
  • Moderator: Panel discussions on Microgrid and Energy Storage (Nov.’17), many clean energy and “You be the Chemist” National competitions
  • Education: Ph.D., Six Sigma Black Belt, DOE-Superior Energy Performance, Certified Climate Leadership Professional, Rapid Marketing Assessment/Rapid Value Assessment Certifications

Mahtab Murshed, Ph.D.,EIT

Dr. Mahtab Murshed, holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and boasts a rich background in renewable energy research spanning over 12 years. With a primary focus on renewable energy technologies and energy economics, his contributions have been transformative. He has spearheaded initiatives to forecast and mitigate power outages, significantly reducing downtime by 25% while concurrently elevating sustainable energy utilization by an impressive 30%. Dr. Murshed’s scholarly endeavors are reflected in his portfolio of 18 peer-reviewed research papers in the realm of renewable energy. With a robust portfolio of 18 peer-reviewed papers, Dr. Murshed’s scholarly contributions illuminate the renewable energy landscape. Complementing his academic endeavors, his tenure as a senior engineer has equipped him with profound insights into solar PV, wind energy, and energy economics, underscored by notable certifications including the Wind Energy Technical Certificate and CISCO CCNA. His role at eSai includes leading  transformation of the energy landscape, pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability for a brighter and more environmentally conscious future.

Tatyana Shine North, P.E., CEM, CGD, CSDP

Tatyana Shine North is a Professional Engineer with over 30 years of experience leading mechanical design/build of various important projects.  Her deep background includes consulting for the GSA, DoE, EPA and many State and County governments in the design of energy efficient systems such as geothermal, low water and air temperature, primary, secondary and tertiary chiller systems, etc.  She will be performing energy modeling, life-cycle cost analysis and review of net zero energy new construction projects for the Maryland Utilities.

Hannah Aiken, BS

Hannah is an energy engineer with a deep passion for energy efficiency and experience in solar industry.  She is assigned to support the Dominion Energy clients in the greater Richmond area. As an ultramarathoner and trailrunner, the outdoors is a place of refuge for her and she feels a calling to be a steward of the environment.  She is eager to help businesses utilize energy efficient technologies and positively impact the health of the planet.

Joseph Vrabel

Joseph is a Chemical Engineering student at Virginia Technical University with a deep interest in the industrial energy efficiency.  He will work as an intern in Summer 2024 and is assigned to the energy management projects working with eSai engineers in the Northern VA and Southern MD areas. Some fun facts about Joseph: he loves hands-on work and being active, especially through playing sports.

Kristian Cusimano, BS

Kristian is an energy engineer with a background in sustainability and energy management in manufacturing industry.  She is assigned to support the Dominion Energy clients in the Northern Virginia area.  She hails from Frederick, VA and is passionate about being a part of an innovative future that is nurturing to the natural world.

She has a Bachelors in Materials Science and Engineering and is completing her Masters in Global Sustainability by the end of 2024.

Robert L. Ehrhardt, BS, PE, LEED AP BD+C, CEM, GBE

As a Senior Mechanical Engineer, Robb supervises the mechanical aspects of project design, assigns tasks to support staff, prepares project budgets, writing proposals and attends client interviews. He has over 30 years of experience in designing, writing specifications for HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems and performing HVAC load calculations and preparing energy models.

Ven Peruri, Energy Engineer, M.S., CEM

Ven Peruri is an Industrial Energy Engineer with over 4 years of experience working at DOE-Industrial Assessment Center. He has a Masters in Energy Engineering from University of Missouri and is CEM trained.

Soham Joshi, Energy Engineer, M.S.

Soham Joshi is a Mechanical Engineer with Masters in Mechanical/Energy Engineering from College Park. He has significant experience working with Maryland Department of General Services in the EV infrastructure development and energy analytics programs.

Advisory Roles:

Kathy Magruder

Ms. Magruder is the Executive Director of the Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC), a corporate instrumentality of the state created to advance the adoption of clean energy products, services, and technologies. In addition to administrative and budget management for MCEC she in engaged in government and industry stakeholder relations, event production and innovation advancement.

Vikas Mouli

Vikas Mouli, a Partner at JLL Partners, NY, is an investment professional at hybrid public and private investment firms.  He is focused on M&A and buyout transactions, in sub-sectors including power generation, electricity transmission & distribution, renewable technology, and infrastructure.  Vikas guides eSai LLC in strategies, legal and contract management.  Vikas holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Harvard University.